Saturday, September 23, 2006

2006 Gelecegimizin Cocuklari Vakfi

Saturday 23 September, NPP joined staff from BASF at the Gelecegimizin Cokcuklari Vakfi school and hostel in the Fatih district of Istanbul to paint the buildings. NPP visited the project again with BASF on Thursday 02 November to check the work done.

BASF company magazine report:

Photographs from the NPP home photo album
and Moripek 0212 249 58 77 .......

Staff at the Children's Foundation

Yurtta Sulh Cihanda Sulh - Peace at Home, Peace in the World

How it later looked after amendments

How it looked

Inside the front gate a couple of days later, Ned had returned to start the tidying up process

Inside the front gate

Dr. Gerhard Schwarz's hand print

Ned directs Dr. Schwarz

The boss gets his painting gear on

BASF regional boss Dr. Gerhard Schwarz discussing events with local Fatih authorities

Cleaning brushes etc.

Cleaning a paint roller

This is how it looked at one stage - later Ned returns to make amendments

Chaos ensues

The kids and staff appear to be paying attention

Ned gives instructions

BASF staff begin to arrive

Ready to paint

The main school and office building

The main entrance

Burak Gozum from Maker Events introduces NPP to the GCV school in Fatih.
It is a foundation set up to provide a home for ex-homeless children.
German chemical company BASF had supplied specialist building materials for the construction process and the next stage was to paint the external facades.